Ships make money for their owners when they are laden and at sea. We ensure that ships turnaround is fast to cut costs for both charterers and owners. On receiving an enquiry from the principal about likely vessel's call at an Indian port, we immediately provide a detailed item-wise proforma d/a along with all explanatory notes for easy understanding. On getting agency nomination we provide detailed guidelines for the master and the operations staff of the principal. We lay great emphasis on the continuous and correct reporting to our principals about all the activities of the ship in the port. We work in India as an extension of our Principal's office with a sense of urgency and responsibility and protect their interests fully.

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We offer comprehensive shipbroking and commercial ship management services to our customers. We have at our disposal highly qualified, experienced ship brokers with international exposure for the purpose. The team of brokers is assisted by dedicated and hard working executives to ensure perfect post fixture documentation and follow-up. We have a well experienced team of cargo ship brokers and we provide shipbroking services India.

Our approach to the shipbroking encompasses near complete commercial management in contrast to a limited role played by the traditional broker. We practically act as an extended arm of our Principal's office taking care of all the activities viz identification and fixing of a suitable vessel, liaison with the agents, shippers and receivers, a careful review and examination of the documentation to fully protect the interests of our Principals.

At each stage, we keep a close touch with the principals taking instructions and authorisation. We ensure smooth and trouble free voyage/time charter performance. This enables our principal to concentrate on their trading activities. The same is true when we fix cargoes for our close owners and operators. Our expert shipbroking team is always at your service to ensure that Principal's vessels opening in and around India get the best possible fixtures/employments. By virtue of our close relationships with Indian shippers and consignees we can offer cargoes to our Principals directly and guide on terms and conditions.

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By virtue of its strong local relationships and huge cargo volumes handled DELTA WATERWAYS PVT. LTD . is in a position to negotiate cost effective deals for its principals and propose the most reliable and efficient Stevedoring companies for smooth and fast cargo work. We offer Stevedoring Services in India. We have contacts with well-established Stevedoring companies that possess technological equipment and ensure high quality handling. The company also has a panel of approved survey companies to render tally and supervision services in order to avoid claims and disputes.

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We handle a wide variety of goods in all shapes and sizes as we manage the entire logistics from discharge of cargo from vessel to the final inland destinations (and vice versa) to the best satisfaction of our customers using our flexible approach. We put in all our experience at work with the use of best techniques and optimized skills to serve our customers faster, safer, economical and more conveniently.

  • Good Liaoning and co-ordination with port authorities and ship owners/agents
  • Unloading from vessel, custom clearing, warehousing, transportation and distribution up to your doorsteps or customer’s doorsteps
  • An enviable reputation across the industry
  • Capacity to move 8000-10000 tons per day
  • Availability of attached 1000 heavy vehicles from the market for any emergency transportation requirements of our customers

As regard to Clearing, Port/Custom and Shipping operations, we have professional/experienced team with co-ordination to each other and access able at any given time. We keep updating the reports related to arrival/ storage of cargo location wise, loading of cargo on to ships/containers on day to day basis by fax/telephone/email, as per the instruction of our valuable clients, the post shipment documents are also being sent by us without any wastage of time, in case of emergency we do delivery personally to our clients.

Exports :
  • Agri Products : SBM, RSM, CSM.
  • Grain: Rice, Wheat, Maize, Millet, Barley etc
  • Minerals: Cement, Bentonite, Bauxite, Iron ore, Mill scale, Salt,
  • Steel: Steel coils, plates, slabs, Project Cargo,

  • Fertilizer: MOP, MAP, DAP, UREA, Rock Phosphate, etc.
  • Minerals: Sulphur, Fluorspar, Coal, Coke, Copper Concentrate, Copper Cubes, Soda Ash in Jumbo bags, etc.
  • General: Timer logs, Steel coils, Steel plates Steel slabs, Zinc, Machinery Packages, Project Cargo, etc.

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We have a panel of approved suppliers chosen on the basis of their reliability & capacity to offer competitive prices and good quality supplies required for our ship husbanding services.DELTA WATERWAYS PVT. LTD . agents look into the needs of the vessels, their crew and their cargo at reasonable cost. Complete services can be arranged for the vessels docking at any hour of the day.

  • CTM

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DELTA WATERWAYS PVT. LTD. has long proven expertise in operating Container Liner Services. We have successfully introduced new mainline operators in India who have become market leaders. DELTA WATERWAYS PVT. LTD. operates a break bulk service between west coast India and Middle East Gulf, Red Sea Port, FAR EAST & SOUTH EAST ASIA & other many sector

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We provide dedicated sea freight forwarding services throughout the world and we are here, ready to help you to find the right solution, customized to meet your unique requirements. We cover almost every port in the world, and our sea freight forwarding operate in all major trades.


DELTA understands what customers need from a logistics partner. Our experience brings efficiency and accountability to transportation of sea freight forwarding, whether you need to move containers across the oceans, or just a LCL cargo from one port to another. We have a large network of partnerships with leading ocean carriers as well as offering local landside services such as trucking and customs brokerage, provided through a broad range of local and global service providers.

We have dedicated sea freight forwarding specialists throughout the world. Our pricing team make sure that you get the best possible ocean rates and the flexibility you need.

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DELTA WATERWAYS PVT.LTD is the part of DELTA GROUP into different areas of businesses, is making rapid progress in urban services sectors. Having identified the immense potential offered by Water, Inland water Transport, Domestic Transport and Logistics and Transportation Equipment Fabrication, DELTA is determined to create a sustainable ecosystem for future generations


Our project team has hands on experience in handling various odd dimension cargoes. Once we receive the final dimension of the cargo we arrive at the equipment required to load the cargo. We do proper survey and lashing of the cargo so as to prevent it from any kind of damage. Out-of-the-box thinking is required in order to create and implement effective solutions. By tailoring a customized transportation plan, we can make early projections of your transportation costs and ensure proper routings and modes of transport are utilized.

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DELTA provides comprehensive international transportation options and has specialized expertise in the handling of sensitive, time-critical shipments for a wide range of industries. Our strategically located facilities across the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia ensure that our clients have access to major market gateways as well as more remote destinations worldwide. As a member of the World Cargo Alliance, the world’s largest and most powerful network of independent freight forwarders, Axis is able to deliver the highest quality freight-forwarding services at the best available pricing.

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Asian gypsy moth (AGM) is an oriental species seen in japan, Korea, china and South Russia. This species is a great threat to the plantation. This species in the form of egg masses or pupae are migrated to other parts of world through ships enrouted through the above regulated areas.

All the ships entering to the countries like Canada, USA, Australia and Newzeland during the period of march to September are screened thoroughly and quarantined at offshore before berthing, to protect the plant life.

Asian gypsy moth (AGM) is a serious pest that can be carried on the superstructure of ships and cargo. AGM populations are prevalent in some seaport areas in far East Russia, Japan, Korea, and Northern China. It is a quarantine pest for both Canada and the United States (U.S.). If introduced, AGM could have significant negative impacts on the North American plant resource base, commerce that relies on those plant resources, and to market access Canada and the U.S. Are working together to manage AGM risk at origin through the vessel pre-departure certification program.

Vessels must arrive to north american ports free of AGM and with required pre-departure certification. It is vital that the maritime industry collaborates, with the U.S And Canadian authorities on measures to minimize the risk of AGM incursion. Although the plant health and agricultural agencies of the U.S And Canada are independent and have variances in their legislation AGM Risk Mitigation and exclusion efforts are a joint effort and considered a high priority.

In 2013, u.s. And Canadian authorities intercepted vessels with AGM egg masses on the Super structures of ships and cargo. Many vessels arriving to North America with AGM life stages present were ordered into international waters to mitigate risk of introduction. In all cases of vessels arriving without the required AGM certification, or upon detection of AGM, significant delays in cargo loading or discharging activities as well as in routine clearance can occur, resulting in loss of revenue to the shipping line and associated parties.

The shipping industry has significantly enhanced awareness of necessary quarantine compliance for AGM. This has been vital to maintaining shipping schedules. Both countries are committed to working with industry partners to support measures that will reduce AGM risk at origin.

We at sensation pest control services are providing the services of AGM inspection, quarantine/disinfestation through all the indian ports.

Life Cycle of Asian Gypsy Moth

Four Stages : Egg → Larva (caterpillar) → Pupae (cocoon) → and Adult Moth

AGM egg masses may be found on trees, stones, walls, logs and lawn furniture and other outdoor objects. Each 1 ½ inch egg mass contains 100 eggs. The mass is covered with a buff or yellowish fuzz which comes from the abdomen of the female.

AGM eggs begin hatching into caterpillars in the spring. All of the damage caused by the AGM is done during this stage. The fully grown caterpillar is about 1 1/2 to 2 inches long.

AGM caterpillars stop feeding when they enter the pupa or cocoon stage. This begins in late June or July.

Adults emerge from the cocoons in 10 to 14 days.

AGM does not feed in the moth stage but only mate and lay eggs. Eggs are laid between July and September.

The eggs remain dormant during the winter and hatch in the spring. The life of adult moth is One week only.

Why Asian Gypsy Moth is considered as a BIG THREAT

  • Wide host range (500 species of trees and shrubs)
  • Larch, oak, poplar, alder, willow and some conifers including hemlock, pine, spruce and southern white cedar
  • All of the damage caused by Asian Gypsy Moth (AGM) is caused during the caterpillar stage.
  • If became established could cause defoliation of millions of acres of trees causing a huge economic impact. Additionally, large amounts of caterpillar frass, destroyed leaves and dead moths would be a nuisance to homes, yards and parks.
  • Native to Asia. Transported to US by ships from Russia and Germany
  • First identified in British Columbia in 1991
  • Not established in the U.S. But has been detected and eradicated

Damages Registered so far

Adult moths frequently lay their egg masses on cargo ships and shipping containers, and these hardy egg clusters often survive to hatch at ports of call around the world, including the United States.

The first such known introduction was in 1991, where egg masses on a Soviet ship docked in Vancouver were found to be hatching. Due to fear that the larvae could have blown onshore, efforts to detect and identify any Asian gypsy moth introductions in the Northwest were made.

During the summer and fall of that year, Asian gypsy moth was found in Vancouver, Portland and Tacoma and these local populations were eradicated quickly. Since 1991, there have been 20 introductions of Asian gypsy moth in the U.S. All of which were eradicated successfully.